Butternut Squash Soup Recipe with THC Tincture

Keep warm this winter with DIY THC infused foods like Butternut Squash Soup using a THC tincture. This soup recipe is made on the stovetop, but you can opt to make Butternut Squash Soup using a slow cooker if that’s your preferred method. One teaspoon of THC tincture mixed with fresh squash and garlic, then topped with sweet Granny Smith Apples for a warm treat. Stay tuned to our Cosmic Seed Creative Cooking Series to enjoy the medical benefits of cannabis without the need to inhale to consume.

Chef: @chefmitchellallen

Director/Producer: @Cristina_0sorio

Food Stylist: @foodstylistnewyorkcity

Photo/Video Director: @michaelspainsmith

Video/Editor: @jakepopek

Digital Tech: @eaves_fotografie

B-Roll: @valarozacreative

BTS: @lishcov

Brought to you by the creative minds @illicitgardensmo


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