All About CBD Oil for DOGS

Kitty and Sugar are Senior Pomeranians. now that they are getting older health problems are starting to present themselves. Kitty suffers from arthritis, anxiety, collapsing trachea, and excessive hormones. We decided to give CBD oil for dogs a try and see if it will help relieve his symptoms. Sugar is also getting older and although she is already blind, we are hoping CBD oil will lessen the frequency of her seizures, and possibly help her skin and coat as she has dog alopecia.

If you are interested in learning more, or in trying the products we are using, here is the link to the Relievet website:

Video Chapters
00:00 Introducing Pomeranians
00:12 Dogs point of view
00:20 Video overview
why, what, the kind, side effects
00:41 WHY we are using CBD
01:15 Arthritis and CBD
01:21 Anxiety and CBD
01:36 Wired or aggressive behavior
01:50 Collapsed trachea
02:01 Calm down
02:20 information about CBD oil for dogs
02:51 THC
03:07 CBD in treat form from Relievet
03:47 100% natural
04:09 Benefits of CBD for dogs
04:21 Seizures and CBD
04:26 CBD for skin and coat
04:51 Side effects of CBD
05:18 Consult your Vetrinarian
05:31 Feeling better
05:35 Comment with your experience
05:50 Legal disclaimer

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UPDATE: We promised we’d keep you updated on their progress. We are halfway through our first bottle.
We are definitely seeing a difference with Kitty’s arthritis, he seems to be more patient around the puppies and children than he has in the past, and he has had fewer coughing episodes as well.
Sugar is always such a good girl and still hasn’t had a seizure since we started treatment. Her hair is still thin and we haven’t seen a change in her coat or skin as of yet.

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