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The video is about the best CBD spray and why Biozorb is taking the CBD industry by storm over how effective it is at delivering broad-spectrum CBD distillate (90% high-grade CBD and 10% other valuable cannabinoids), certified ZERO THC to the bodies endocannabinoid system (ECS) giving you absolute maximum benefits with no waste.

Existing CBD Tinctures and CBD Oil are simply not able to hold as much CBD per actuation and much of the CBD is lost as the oil acts as a barrier for quick absorption.

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Youtube is the best place to go when searching for videos about best CBD spray. Isomist CBD spray is undoubtedly something that will intrigue those of you who are passionate about quality CBD products and enjoy the use of effective daily CBD.


The Isomist YT Channel also includes similar videos concerning Hemp Oil Alternatives and Wholesale CBD. Isomist are happy to provide samples of our Unique Carrier Solution ‘Biozorb’, which is available to other CBD manufactures to work with this exciting technology to produce their own range of Atomised CBD Sprays. Isomist offer white-label CBD options for other CBD retail stores.

Email: info@isomistuk.com
Call: 01252 850580

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Individuals who searched for Hemp Oil spray also searched for Best CBD for Anxiety. We offer a dosage calculator on our website so you can find the right Isomist Cloud Spray for your needs.


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