How to Infuse Store Bought Gummies with Cannabis | Herbistry420

How to Infuse Store Bought Gummies with Cannabis | Herbistry420

In today’s video we are going to infuse store bought gummies with Cannabis. This is a really easy way to make infused gummies… however, making them from scratch would make them quite a bit stronger. The problem with this method is the amount of THC the gummies can accept because the only part of the gummy that is being infused is the sugar on the gummy bear. However, this is an easy way to make a larger batch that isn’t powerful so you can eat quite a few without getting too wasted. In the end I ate all 12 in a matter of an hour and a half and I was only medium high. Keep in mind there are many factors to consider in how strong these will be… the most imporant being how strong your Green Dragon Tincuture is.

In the end this was a fun experiment, and the gummies were good… but not as strong as I’m normally used too. However, I could have make even more and that would probably have been perfect. As always experiment with smaller doses until you know how powerful your edibles are as its easy to overdue it. If you have any questions, let me know!

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Note: Please be careful with dosing, I take zero responsibility for whatever you do if you follow this video.

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