WakeNbake – 5* 3 kings FMCD/ Talking about our new pill,tincture,rso and pen projects

All viewers ages 18 and up, please! This video contains the legal use of medical cannabis, legally protected in the state of Washington, under RCW69.51a. This video may be interpreted to be recreation use. Recreational use is legally protected in the state of Washington, under I502, for all adults, ages 21 and up. I am over 21.

So with the closed loop, we are getting bigger yields than we did before. Not only that. Since we recover all the butane I am able to run the material we normally use naptha as a solvent for, because its not cost prohibitive when im recovering the butane.
Along with our new cbd strains and cbd grows, Ill be producing way more cbd oil.
All this oil will be winterized and activated, exept for the oil going into pens. Still winterized but not activated. The acitation takes place during vaporization so they don’t need activated oil.

We just orderd a 400 site pill filler so I can start mixing oil with coconut oil and making thc or cbd pills!

We also can dissolve this oil in vegetable glycerin for our tinctures! That will allow us to make more potent tincture, while also cutting production time down from 1 month to about 2 days!


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