Major Back Surgery, Cannabis and Amino Acids for Relieve Back Pain

On May 20th 2008 at 1230pm I walked into Eagle Ridge Hospital (Vancouver?) for a L3-L4 discectomy, I had just medicated (Medi Kush) I needed to prepare my CNS for surgery so I took 50 drops on tincture (10 mg THC per drop). This would be my only pain control other than the anesthesia for surgery. I felt the cold burning running up my arm as I was being turned upside down and the Doc walked into the room .
The anesthesia has worn off, it is 6pm I am being moved to the recovery room, I ask the nurse to please pass me my supplements, GABA, Tryptophan, Same-e , Cana-caps and cannabis tincture, cannabis cookies I took my supplements administered 30 drops of tincture and fell asleep. I woke up at 10pm and took 2 x 50 mg cana-caps (JKT-THC 50 mg CBD 2 mg)
My logs from the hospital..
May 21st/08
4:30am- I had back surgery 16 hours ago my pain levels in lower back are the lowest yet 2-3 I medicated 15 drops of tincture, 2×50 mg caps at 3 am have been fading in and out.
7:30am- Feel like shit ,taking supplements 2 extra GABA and 2-50mg Cana-caps, my neck is really sore and my mid back is having spasms , lower back pain is dull and steady 2-3, my ears are ringing level 5 and I have a medium headache
8:15am- 20drops of tincture pain 5-6 neck and back pain due to reading so I am sore
9:45am-1 shortbread cookie 130mg THC
10:00am-15 drops of tincture (JKT-58)
10:15am- Up and walking, my back is tight and it hurts like hell to bend over I can olny bend 20% before I scream , I am lying down now.
10:55am- 1 cannabis oatmeal cookie 100mg THC back to sleep.
12:09pm – 2-50mg cana-caps and supplements pain is dull and steady in my back neck is really bad my ears are ringing small headache and sore right shoulder.
12:30pm- Lunch trying to eat causing pain, sweating feeling sick sat up then stood up , PAIN “8” had to lie down almost fell over NOW PAIN BACK !!! 30 drops of tincture..
3:10pm-Slept for the past few hours back is sore the tincture helps me feel good, happy general well being and sleep.
4:10pm-1 oatmeal cookie (100mlTHC)
7:46pm – Woke up hot and sweaty back pain is sharp and steady took 30 drops of tincture.
7:59pm-Got up to use the bathroom, used the walker still sweating lots of pain feel sick bad nausea
8:05pm -Dad stopped by WorkSafe B.C sent pension decision in the mail feeling better.
8:20pm- 2-50ml cana-caps feel like shit read WorkSafe B.C pension decision 27.9% disability pension?
9:45pm- 2-Tryptophan,1 GAGA and Oatmeal cookie(100ml THC) for sleep
May 22/08
7:30am- good sleep feeling better 1 oatmeal cannabis cookie (100ml THC)
8:00am- Took my supplements and 2-50ml cana-caps
8:50am- I have been up and walking around this morning ran into doctor Matishak in the hall he asked me how my pain was I said 2-3 he replied go home you look fine and you are walking.
12:00pm – I am home medicating with Medi Kush cigarette, 20 drops of tincture.
Surgery went well I was able to handle my pain with converted THC and amino acids, I have been medicating with cannabis for the past…
For sleep tonight I am taking 1 -80ml cana-cap a oatmeal cookie (100mlTHC) 500ml of Tryptophan, and 750ml GABA.


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