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Get benefits without getting high, try natural remedies with hemp CBD.

Will CBD get me high like medical marijuana and can I get benefits without the high?
This quick visual gives you the short on Cannibidiol aka CBD vs Cannabis aka Marijuana.

CBD is a non-psycoactive products that has many benefits. You can find many types of CBD products to help with everyday aches, pains and even anxiety, stress and live better.

We set out to make quick videos you can play to understand how to use natural products that helped others and have been tried and proven. Recommendations and shared experiences are from our customers feedback and 4 plus years of serving our many retail and wholesale customers nationwide.

Will CBD get you high? No, it’s non-psycho active so it wont make you stoned.

What is CBD and what is it good for? Sleep, Energy, Relief, Pain, Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, OCD, Epilepsy, Seizures.

You can find a vast amount of amazing cbd products like cbd oil with flavor or without that have thc or no thc. MCT oils for fast absorption, Broad spectrum to get the most without taking in thc and even Full for the full natural benefit and legal amount of THC which is less than .3 of 1%.

CBD edibles like cbd gummies are definitely a tasty way to incorporate a better lifestyle and damn easy with all the flavors and options. Watch our videos to learn more about gluten free and vegan CBD gummies too. There are special gummies preferred for day and others for night with melatonin to help you sleep.

Organic Hemp CBD flower is available just like marijuana in Indica, Hybrid and Sativa too. Most of the carts we pick already have the strand identified on the box or called out in our quick videos.

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