Sproutly Canada Inc (CNSX:SPR) on Making Cannabis Water-Soluble

There are plenty of “technologies” out there that claim to make cannabinoids “water soluble” when in fact only making them water “miscible”. While the difference might seem like a matter of semantics superficially, solubility implies “disolvability” whereas miscible implies “mixability”.

An oleogenic substance, such as cannabinoid resin, must be dissolved in water in order for it to pass through cellular membranes. In the case of miscible cannabinoid solutions, the micro-droplets of cannabinoid resins will be separated by such cellular membranes and absorbed at a slower rate.

For beverage formulations, that means you will always taste cannabinoids with miscible solutions, but not neccessarily with solutions where the cannabinoids are dissolved in the liquid.

On the medical side, the importance of dissolved cannabinoid solutions versus miscible cannabinoid solutions becomes even more crititical.

Dr. Arup Sen is a clinical expert in the difference, which he explains to us in this video.


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