How to Make Green Dragon Tincture | FAST and EASY | Herbistry420

How to Make Green Dragon Tincture | FAST and EASY | Herbistry420

In today’s video we are going to make Green Dragon, the cannabis Tincture. There are several ways to make this, however this is the fastest and easist. And also technically the safest… if you make it on a heated stove you could have issues as the Alcohol is extremely flamable. If you have any questions, let me know!

You need high % alcohol (such as grain alcohol), anything that is at least 140 proof will work, however even higher is better. The higher proof alcohol the easier it is to extract the cannabis from the plant matter. In the video I used 190 proof alchol which was available at a liquor store locally.

Final thoughts after trying the tincture… 1ML is quote nice (a dropped size from the bottles I use) It’s best to test your edibles with smaller dosages until you have an idea where you are and then go from there.

Link to Decarb Video –

Note: Please be careful with dosing, I take zero responsibility for whatever you do if you follow this video. Also, the alcohol in this wasn’t burned off… so remember that is quite powerful, go easy if you try this and consult a professional if needed.

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