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Jake Tyler just left us an awesome review of our high quality CBD edibles and CBD oils. He is very focused on his physical fitness and uses Sugar & Kush CBD for sleep.

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What’s going on guys? A few days ago I actually post a photo of me using CBD and since then I have had quite a few questions whether I actually use it. Is Sugar and Kush CBD working? Is it worth the hype? So, I want to give a little snippet of my personal experience with it.

You heard about the benefits of CBD for a while, if you haven’t you probably have been living under a rock. It’s something that I have been very skeptical over because there are just so many benefits to it and no cons, so how is that possible? After talking to a lot of different people, a lot of different companies I started using it. The biggest draw to it for me was the benefits to sleep patterns, CBD for muscle recovery with the inflammation. With my schedule its very hard for me to get sleep and that where you do your muscle repair and recovery. I actually can’t sleep for a reason, I have had prescribed sleeping pills for about 8 years now. I have issues staying asleep, falling asleep.

So, I started using CBD oil about 2 and half or 3 months ago now. At fist, it was not really doing much for me and I was like whatever. Keep it going, keep it consistent. Honestly, I am getting the best night’s sleep now. I am not waking up in the middle of the night like I always used to, if I did get to fall asleep I would wake up 5, 6 times. So, when I woke up in the morning I would still feel dead. Since I started using Sugar and Kush CBD tinctures I have been out like a light. I honestly think I should change my social media name now because if I can sleep, I am falling asleep, staying asleep and I feel so much better. Not to mention, I am not waking up sore all the time. Obviously have soreness from working out but not as much as I was before because I was not getting that full night’s sleep that I needed for my body to recover. So, I started with Sugar & Kush because its been phenomenal all their CBD oils taste amazing. The keto CBD gummies taste amazing with zero sugar, zero calories. If you have questions on it, if it’s going to work for you? Take the leap, try it or you will never know. There is no downside.

Reach out to the company. Reach out to me, I’ll help as much as possible. They are very helpful, they helped me a lot. Sugar and Kush customer service is great. I am coming on board with them just because of how much I believe in their CBD products. Anyone that knows me personally, I don’t spread things that I personally don’t use, don’t like or that I think is garbage just to make money, all those things people do these days. I am very real on everything. I would rather people save their time and money if it’s not going to benefit them. My preference is the Sugar and Kush vanilla CBD oil. Go for it, if you have questions reach out.

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