CPG & CBD University Podcast | Episode 118– Hemp Headlines with Hemp Industry Daily | Hemp Bombs®

CPG & CBD University Podcast | Episode 118– Hemp Headlines with Hemp Industry Daily | Hemp Bombs®

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It’s already been a busy start to 2022 for the hemp industry in the news. Hemp Industry Daily Editor Kristen Nichols discusses some of the biggest stories from the first quarter of the year.

On episode 118 of the CPG & CBD University Podcast we discuss:
• The new head of the FDA and how he has no prior record on cannabinoids and what that could mean for the industry
• A new study from the USDA looks at hemp farming and its impact economically in the U.S.
• Confusing regulations regarding hemp-derived cannabinoids in California and Washington
• Why MJ operators got it wrong with Delta-8 THC, according to a new editorial by Nichols
• What the 2023 Farm Bill could look like and how the mid-term elections in November could shape that
Plus, we even talk a little March Madness and Nichols sports her University of Georgia National Championship pullover for the podcast!

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