Pall’s Filtration Technologies for Cannabis Oil Extraction

In a new and increasingly crowded market, having the right products for applications will ensure manufacturers remain competitive. With solutions for clarification, color removal and pathogen detection, Pall offers a range of solutions to guarantee a better quality product.

As cannabis oil has become legalized in different parts of the US and all of Canada, the demand for cannabis oil has rapidly increased. This increase in demand has necessitated a simultaneous increase in volume from companies that are producing cannabis extracts.

Extracting the various cannabinoids is a complex process that is continually evolving. With over
70 years of application experience and product development in Food and Beverage, Pall offers
itself not only as an informed filtration solutions provider, but also as an informed technical partner
who understands how to adapt and create products that meet the needs of emerging markets. As
production needs evolve within the cannabis market, Pall is the partner that can adapt and grow in
this rapidly changing market.

Watch this video to learn more about:

• Pall’s leading solutions in cannabis oil clarification
• How Pall’s filter modules make easier handling and more hygienic carbon treatment
• Pathogen detection that provides fast reliable results


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