CBD American Shaman – A Brief History Of Cannabis and Hemp

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From Ancient China tot he Middle East, and Ancient Greeks to Victorian England, cannabis has always had a place in medicine.

2737 B.C. According to Chinese legend, Emporer Shen Neng was one of the first major leaders in the ancient world to officially prescribe cannabis tea to treat various illnesses including: gout, rheumatism, malaria, and poor memory.*

2000-1400 B.C. India has always remained closely tied to cannabis use – medicinally, religiously, and recreationally.**
1550 B.C. Ancient Egypt’s Ebers Papyrus makes note of medical cannabis as a way to treat inflammation.**
140-208 A.D. The early Chinese surgeon Hua Tuo is credited with being the first recorded person to use cannabis as an anesthetic.**
Ancient and medieval physicians mixed the plant into medicines or teas to treat pain and other ailments.**
Use of hemp cord in pottery has been identified at an ancient village site dating back over 10,000 years, located in modern day Taiwan. This date range puts it as one of the first and oldest known human agriculture crops.**

History and science continue to prove the value and merit in using cannabis as viable medical treatment. The plant had so many versatile uses that archaeological digs have proven that it was farmed and cultivated. For trade, textiles, and medicine the hemp plant is truly a plant of great significance.

*according to Understanding Marijuana: A New Look at the Scientific Evidence, Oxford University Press Inc. 2002, p.10
**according to AdvancedHolisiticHealth.org:

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