Ingredient Spotlight – CBD|Cannabis in Skincare

Today I’m talking about CBD as an ingredient in skincare, also known as Cannabis, cannabidiol, hemp, cannabis sativa

Revolution CBD Oil (This was my favourite of the ones I tried, no percentage but no nasty ingredients either – I will use up but not repurchase):

Superdrug Me+ CBD Oil Booster (This is the one I haven’t tried but recommend as its a good price and no nasty ingredients, BUT it doesn’t say the percentage CBD so probably low).

BYBI 0.6% CBD Oil (This is another I haven’t tried but recommend due to the ingredients & level of CBD – I will probably purchase this in future).

Superdrug 1% Oil (This is the one I don’t recommend due to the high level of fragrance)

NOTE: Sadly I can’t answer every comment/question, but I DO make sure I read them all because I appreciate that you have taken time to comment. Unfortunately I suffer with headaches that are exacerbated by sitting at a PC/Ipad, which is why I give information in Video format not a blog as I used to and have to limit my time typing :0( I hope you understand 😘

Makeup today:
Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation (Moisturising) in Dune-
Bare Minerals pigment in Blush (Eyes)
Stila liquid lipstick in Palermo-
Nabla cosmetics blush in Regal Mauve

What equipment do I use?

Canon DSLR –
Ring Light –
Tabletop studio lights –

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