Is Hemp Oil Legal? A CBD Tincture Review

YES. Look at the Farm Bill Act of 2018! (Check your local law)

With the massive amounts of possibilities hemp brings, it’s crucial to understand that you’re not having anything illegal (at least it shouldn’t be..)

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How to check if your hemp/CBD products are legal?

1. Certificate of Analysis

– Check your label and look up the certificate of analysis through their link or the QR Code. If you don’t see one, then this probably means this company didn’t make the product themselves. All they did was buy another product and slap their label on it and probably not following the guidelines, especially because they don’t have a CofA

2. Look at the company’s Medical Advisory.

– Do they have a Medical Advisor or Chief Medical Officer? If not, then this is a tell-tell sign that you aren’t having any validation on the product. Which is another sign that this product is white-labeled.

3. Review the recent Farm Bill Acts and laws in your city/state

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Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper?
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