What Are Herbal Tinctures? Are Herbal Extractions Safe? Alcohol Tincture vs Glycerite which is best

Today we’re talking about herbal tinctures. In this episode of Apothecary Wisdom, I’m answering the questions: What are herbal tinctures? We’ll compare the benefits of alcohol tinctures vs glycerine tinctures. I’ll share some alternatives to alcohol tinctures and how to remove alcohol from herbal tinctures.

Herbal tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts made by soaking either fresh or dried, bark, berries, leaves, flowers, or roots from one or more plants in a liquid combination of alcohol and water. This liquid solvent is called the Menstruum. The alcohol pulls out or extracts the active and therapeutic properties for the plants, the alkaloids, the vitamins, and minerals.

Watch the video to learn more about herbal tinctures!

This video is a part of a series I made all about tinctures. Be sure to check out our blog post for more important information about tinctures such as proper dosage and the differences between alcohol tincture and glycerites.

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*This post is for educational purposes only. It does not replace medical care. If you or a loved one has been bitten by an unknown insect or a known poisonous spider seek medical attention.*


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