Humboldt Apothecary CBD Calm Tincture (Nugg Tincture Review 2019)

“Nestled in Humboldt County’s redwoods, this female owned-and-operated company has over 25 years of combined herbalist experience that’s reflected in their distinct, award-winning tinctures. They’re not only made with trusted ingredients and organic, sun-grown cannabis, but also with specific uses in mind.

All their cannabis elixirs use sustainable and environmentally safe practices, so don’t worry about inconsistent dosing or harmful ingredients. The CO2 extraction method keeps them pure while retaining the plant’s flavor, terpenes, and cannabinoids.

Occasionally, the anxiety of life is too much to deal with alone. Don’t fret, because Humboldt Apothecary’s Calm CBD will help reduce those unsettling feelings while promoting relief and relaxation. Calm CBD comes with a 3:1 ratio with 188mg of CBD:62mg of THC. Try this an hour before bed to help ease your body into sleep or right after a particularly long or strenuous day. Purchase a bottle for about $50.

Begin with five drops to a half dropper full (as suggested) under the tongue or, if it tastes too strong, add to water, juice, tea or smoothies! Experiment with your own recipes or start with Humboldt’s. Remember, it’ll take one to two hours to feel the tincture’s full effects.

Humboldt Apothecary creates ten different tinctures each tailored to treat specific conditions by combining various ingredients and cannabinoid ratios: Deep Sleep, Canna Bitters, Breath, Love Potion No. 7, Sweet Jane, Brain TonicCBD, Cramp Ease CBD, Blues Away CBD, Calm CBD, Inflammation Soother CBD,

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