Spider Mites, Aphids & Fungus Gnats – Natural Cannabis Pest Control

Learn How To Identify Spider Mites, Fungus Gnats, And Aphids On Your Weed Plants. Prevent And Kill Spider Mites Naturally, Use Neem Oil To Control, Manage And Eradicate Cannabis Pests Like Aphids, Fungus Gnats and Spider Mites. The Most Common Weed Pests That Cause The Most Common Marijuana Grow Problems.

Lesson Timeline
Lesson Overview – 0:30
Tips For Preventing Cannabis Pests – 1:04
Common Weed Pests – 3:29
Identifying Spider Mites – 3:47
The Spider Mite Issue – 4:23
Killing Spider Mites Naturally – 4:42
Identifying Aphids – 6:24
The Aphid Issue – 7:11
Killing Aphids Naturally – 7:35
Identifying Fungus Gnats – 8:38
The Fungus Gnat Issue – 9:26
Killing Fungus Gnats Naturally – 9:45
Lesson Review – 10:42

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