How to make a Hemp Glycerin Tincture

This video is about CBDA which comes from the hemp plant. It is a simple method for making a tincture at home with raw hemp oil.

Ever wondered, “What can I do with CBD oil?” I want to teach you how to cook with hemp oil at home. I want to teach you to make your own cannabinoid rich recipes.

I will keep making how-to cook with CBD Hemp oil videos. But if you require coaching services I am happy to consult over the phone. The uses of CBD oil are not commonly known. You can make healthy hemp recipes and feed your head!

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NONE of the information found on this site is intended to be a substitute for medical advice. We are not doctors. We don’t treat or cure anything, we just want to share the knowledge. CBD has many benefits but it is not a cure all. We love to talk about the potential!


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