How To Make Your Own Cannabis Oil Using AVB (Already Vaped Bud) or Decarbed Cannabis Flower

One of the best things about using a vaporizer is that you can use the scraps (called AVB ‘Already Vaped Bud’ or ABV ‘Already Been Vaped’) from the vaporizer to make your very own Cannabis Oil or Cannabis Butter. I like to make CannaOil and people asked me how to make it so I put together a step by step video. You can use this method to make Cannabis Oil or Butter using regular unvaped Cannabis flower too, but you must decarboxylate it first. Included in this video are a couple of optional steps that you can choose to ignore if you wish.

0:00 – Intro
0:54 – [Step 1] – Weigh Your AVB
1:46 – [Optional Step] – Water Wash AVB to remove nasty taste
9:16 – [Step 2] – Put AVB In Small Pot
9:36 – [Step 3] – Weigh Coconut Oil
9:49 – [Step 4] – Mix Oil and AVB in Small Pot, Put On a Tin Foil Top and Put Small Pot In Large Pot Of Boiling Water For 2 Hours
10:41 – [Step 5] – Take Small Pot Out Of Large Pot Every 30 Minutes And Stir Or Mix It Or More Often If You Want
12:22 – [Optional Step] – Dampen Cheesecloth With Water So It Won’t Soak Up As Much Oil
12:53 – [Step 6] – Strain Oily Sludge Through Cheesecloth Into Small Container
13:20 – [Step 7] – Put Container Of Strained Oil In Fridge To Solidify
13:41 – [Step 8] – Remove Solidified Oil And Pour Out Gross Water
14:13 – [Step 9] – Melt The Solidified Oil To Separate The Remaining Water And Oil – Repeat This Process As Many Times As Needed & You’re Done.
15:42 – [Optional Step] – Melt The Solidified Oil After Removing All Water And Add Sunflower Lecithin, Then Mix With Mixer. After This, Put Back In Fridge.
17:50 – The AVB Cannabis Oil is finished.

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