EP 103: The Difference between CBD Oil and Tinctures

In this episode, Joe explains the difference between CBD oils and tinctures. Tinctures are mainly created through alcohol extractions, while oils can be produced using a wider variety of methods. Most often, CBD oils are the result of mixing CBD extract with a carrier oil, like MCT oil. In general, CBD oils are far more common to find than CBD tinctures.

“Supplements and supplement companies have looked a certain way in the past and they will look different in the future. We are the company that will be laying the groundwork for that future.” – Joseph Sheehey

Key Highlights
What the difference is between CBD oils and tinctures;
Why Cured Nutrition is invested in laying the groundwork for the future of the supplement industry;
How to understand the role of supplements and why they might be one of life’s daily necessities.

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