Lazarus Naturals CBG/CBD Full Spectrum Tincture Review

Lazarus Naturals has created a beautiful formulation of CBG and CBD in a Full Spectrum tincture. For just a few cents per mg, this tincture delivers an incredible 25mg of both CBG and CBD. These cannabinoids are hemp derived and are blended so well with the carrier oil (MCT). Just the perfect viscosity, not too running and not too syrupy. The actual texture is very smooth and once a dropper of this tincture hits the underside of your tongue, a mocha like flavor is noticeable. I choose the Classic flavor and this had the described taste and texture.

I suggest following the manufacturer’s dosage of 1ml. Wait for anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours. Each person may react differently to the tincture. There are so many variable to consider; age, weight, BMI, medication interactions, time of your last meal, etc. Once you have allowed time to pass, reassess the effects and dose again as needed. You will find that “Sweet Spot” where the effects provide you with the desired relief.

For me, the effects were fast to express and lasted for several hours. I was totally aware of my surrounding, but just did not concern myself with any intrusive thoughts. So a change in mental state was apparent, however it was not euphoric in the “classic” sense. It was a very pleasant mind and body release of worry. I take this every evening before bed and/or after I have taken a really strenuous hike. Both the CBG and CBD calm the nervous system and provide anti-inflammatory effects. I feel rested upon waking in the morning and have noticed an increased ability to recall my dreams.

All -in-All this CBG/CBD Full Spectrum tincture from Lazarus Naturals packs an awesome punch for just pennies per milligram. I give this product a 5 out of 5 on my Dabber Scale. Please take a look a their line of tinctures and other fine high, quality products.

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