Arnold Bomber – Cannabis Tincture – Lemonade Tea

Thank You: V.H.H.C. Vallejo Holistic Health center
Thank You: David

So I decided to go to this place and once I got their I remembered I have been here a long time ago. Glad to see they are still running strong. They do provide some parking. Once parked its a short wait to get inside and then another short wait to the budtender. I got David. He helped me pick out a few things. Once we had gotten the concentrates all picked out I asked about the strongest and best tasting edible they had that he liked. This is what he brought me. WOW what a kick. This is strong. I paid twenty dollars plus tax.

200mg THC
THC Tincture 355ml
MFG 4/19/2021
EXP 4/6/2022
2mg CBD


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