Cannabis and Autoimmune Conditions

Myositis Support and Understanding with Christine Lee, Cannabis and Autoimmune Conditions. The myositis community, in our support groups, has been talking and asking questions about using cannabis. Christine provides detailed information to help.

Christine, who was diagnosed with polymyositis in 2013 and an aggressive cancer in 2018, will share her personal experiences with cannabis, as well as an overview of the endocannabinoid system, basic information about cannabis as medicine, and benefits vs risks. This will also include a basic understanding of the different types of cannabis and administration methods. There are many ways to ingest cannabis, you do not have to smoke.

Finally, Christine will share some next steps and resources if you are interested in trying cannabis. Towards the end of the webinar, Christine will take your general questions as they relate to this topic.

Nothing provided in this webinar is medical or legal advice. Always check the laws in your area regarding cannabis and talk to your doctor and pharmacist prior to starting cannabis with other medications.

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