How to Make Cannabis Tincture at Home

How to make Cannabis Tincture at home!

This tincture is wonderful as an alcohol substitute when added to cooling summer drinks

See the recipe below:

56g cannabis (2 oz)
500 ml high proof alcohol- we used Everclear but you can use rum, tequila, bourbon or any other high proof liquor that you enjoy the taste of.
A glass mason jar
A paper bag
Amber glass jars for storing finished tincture
Fine mesh strainer, cheese cloth or unused panty hose to strain tincture from cannabis

For correct dosing you need to know the % of THC in your chosen strain.
We used Pink Friesland, a rare heritage Indica dominant hybrid strain that has 17% THC 1% CBD/g

How to calculate dosing:
56g (cannabis) x1000 = 56,000mg
56,000 x17% THC= 9,520mg THC/ batch
9,520mg THC/ 500ml (alcohol) = 19.04mg THC/ ml of tincture

56g (cannabis) x1000 = 56,000mg
56,000 x1% CBD= 560mg CBD/ batch
560mg CBD/ 500ml (alcohol) = 1.12mg CBD/ ml of tincture

We recommend starting with ½ a ml (10mg THC)
Remember that edibles take longer to hit than smoking does, up to 2 hours, and the effects last much longer than when smoked.
If you have never tried edibles start low and slow to find your dose and so you can have an enjoyable time. Mark the time you took your edible so that you can be fully aware of how long it has been.

In case you take too much THC ( green out)
Keep some CBD oil or dried flower on hand, taking CBD will stop you from getting too high. Eating a big meal will also help if you accidentally take too much.

Preheat oven to 230 degrees F

Decarboxylate your cannabis:

Break your cannabis into small pieces, you can add the stems if you like.
Spread cannabis in a single layer in an oven-safe dish, bake for 1hr.

Allow to cool.

Add your decarboxylated cannabis to your glass mason jar, don’t use plastic for this step
Pour your alcohol of choice into the jar with your decarbed cannabis.

Using a wooden spoon push the cannabis down so it is covered completely by the alcohol.
Shake your jar.

Put your tincture jar into a paper bag and store in a dark cool place for 48hrs or up to 8 weeks.
Shake your tincture 1x/ week

When ready, strain the tincture from the cannabis, using either a fine mesh strainer and spoon, cheesecloth or unused pantyhose.
Once fully strained, discard the plant material.

Pour your tincture into amber or dark glass jars, and store in a cool dark place until ready for use.

Enjoy responsibly!


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