CBD Oil Wholesale CBD Extracts GOLDEN OIL 35% #9 – Endoca.com

The Cannabis extracts we create can be divided
into different categories depending on the
process that it went through. Depending on
what product you want to formulate different
types of extracts have different advantages.

“Golden CBD Oil”
We work with higher temperatures and remove
another type of waxes from the cold filtered
cbd extract, the result from this is a more
loose extract with lower viscosity we call hot
filtered cbd extract or “the golden oil”.
The viscosity is lower than the first CBD
extraction but higher than in the cold filtered
cbd extract. The texture is more like coconut oil
as it becomes liquid when the temperature is
high and solid when temperature is below 20°C.
The hot filtered cbd extract can vary in % of
CBD and CBDa from 10% to 50%, as standard
we provide you with: 20%( CBD) or 20%
Raw(CBD+CBDa) If you have special needs for
this type of product lets us know as there are
possibilities to make the % of CBD or CBDa


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