How To Make A 10-Minute Alcohol Tincture With Cannabis Oil

This 10-minute tincture recipe is both easy and turns out a quality you would see in any dispensary. Everclear is the perfect product to use for easy absorption. The higher the proof the better (lower proof means more water which will cause your finished product to separate.) Glycerin will dull the sting of the alcohol and sweeten your tincture.

1. Figure out your total THC or CBD percentage for your cannabis oil. Which is percentage (as a decimal) x total grams (g) x 1000

2. Now divide the total milligrams (mg) you want your tincture to be by the above number.
And that’s how much of your syringe you should use.

Example: If I want 100mg tincture and I have 65% oil, first
0.65 x 1g x 1000 = 650mg
100mg/650mg = 0.15 … so you want to use 15% of your syringe.


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