Happy 4/20! Watch This While You're High! 3D Trippy Visuals (WARNING: CAN INTENSIFY YOUR HIGH)

Chill out, vibe out, and smoke up because its 4/20! This is a great, trippy visual video that also has a great beat in the background. If like me you’re celebrating 4/20 with a bowl and some good good then sit back, relax, and enjoy this truly cool 3D 1080p HD visual session! If you enjoy this video make sure to hit that like button just like you hittin your weed. Subscribe for future weed related videos, gaming, and graphic design!

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I will continue making my content to the best of my ability and do it all for you, the viewers, because let’s be honest the audience is the most important part of success! Any criticism or compliments can be made in the comment section below, and please if you comment don’t forget to like and subscribe as well, Thanks!❤

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