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Right after becoming CBD legal in the U.S., many questions have been raised like is CBD safe for your health? Can you Vape CBD Tincture or what are the benefits of CBD tinctures or CBD vape-oil? We’ve done our best and compiled everything here on this single for your convenience to learn either vaping CBD tincture is safe for your health or not? So, let’s keep going!

The major reason behind the massive growth of CBD is its legalization. More and more companies are emerging and striving hard to fulfill their customers’ needs. And now, CBD is available in almost everything from vape oil to tinctures and topical creams.

However, the CBD industry is quite new – therefore, companies are launching hundreds of products on a daily basis. Thus, it creates a question as to how to use a CBD product quite perfectly? The most common questions asked by hundreds of thousands of customers are that can you vape CBD tincture or can you add CBD tincture to vape juice?

No! You can’t!
Perhaps, this short answer doesn’t sound good. And in order to describe this answer in a long way, we have to dig down into details to understand everything easily. So, without further ado, let’s have a look below!

Difference Between CBD Tincture and Vape-Oil
Describing CBD tinctures first, it’s a kind of liquid that one can ingest through his/her mouth. They are essentially the same thing, used derogatively with CBD oil. Moreover, CBD tincture provided by a spray or dropper that passes directly through your mouth into your bloodstream.

As mentioned above, CBD tinctures need to be ingested through the mouth, but CBD vape-oil is used for inhalation. And one can find it in vaporizers that are specifically designed for it. You can also call CBD vape-oil as CBD vape juice, CBD e-juice, and CBD e-liquid.

Can You Put CBD Tincture in a Vape Pen?
The answer to this question is absolutely a big “No”. Certainly, you can ingest CBD tinctures by mouth. However, they’re not meant to be used this way, and this doesn’t work in the opposite way as well.

Benefits of CBD Tinctures
The widely accepted way of consuming CBD is by CBD tinctures. So many of us having marvelous influence over their dosage by taking or even sublingually dropping CBD. However, with the industry at its booming, a lot of CBD products are becoming available in the market.

CBD tincture still is an excellent way to monitor your dose, to distribute equally, and to experience all the advantages of CBD. In comparison to vaporing, the intestines of your body metabolize it and then deliver it to the liver. Such effects can last quite long, but you should wait up to 1-2 hours for effects to start.

Moreover, CBD tinctures are a fantastic starting point for beginners who have never used CBD oil before. It’s particularly true if you haven’t smoked or vaped before. But the answer to the question can you vape tincture CBD oil remains unchanged – means No.

Benefits of CBD Vape Oil
Indeed, CBD tinctures are the most common way to consume CBD but let’s not forget that CBD vape oil holds its position too when it comes to consuming CBD efficiently. It helps CBD to enter your bloodstream in a jiffy and start effecting with immediate effects. This extends even uniformly across your body.

The reason is that after inhaling, drugs reach your lungs in a matter of seconds. It spreads to the brain, and then the liver metabolizes it. That’s precisely why in seconds or minutes you will start feeling effects.

Besides, if you are suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, or depression, it’s an excellent way to get rid of them quickly. Most important of all, vaporizing CBD oil will help you to thrive if you try to quit smoking.


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