Cannabis Alcohol (Everclear)Tincture From- My Kitchen

Cannabis Tincture recipe

1 ounce (28 grams) ground cannabis (Bud)
2 Cup’s Everclear alcohol, /473 milliliters – Use a liquor with at least 50% alcohol. (Everclear is 190 Proof)

Blender, coffee grinder, or food processor
Bowl or quart size measuring cup with pour spout
Scale for measuring marijuana
Quart canning jar with lid
Jelly Strainer Bag or (cheesecloth)

Making the tincture

I like to use this ratio when making tincture:

One (1) ounce of cannabis Bud(28 Grams), to Two cups (473 Milliliters) of Everclear, 190 proof.The higher the alcohol content, the faster
the cannabinoids will be extracted.

Cannabis Everclear Tincture recipe:

Decarb the cannabis, my method:
Place on cookie sheet in the oven at 240°F for an 1/2 hour, check and turn cannabis every 10
minutes or so, until the bud is dry and crumbles into a powder.


Assemble process:
Pour the Everclear into the canning jar, Pour the Decarb Cannabis in to the Quart canning jar,

Shake like crazy for 2 minutes

Place the mixture in the freezer section, the alcohol will not freeze

Everyday for 4-5 weeks, get the mixture out of freezer and give it a shake for 2 minutes.

After 6 weeks in freezer, strain out the cannabis, I use a Jelly Strainer Bag/Reuseable and machine washable.
A cheesecloth will work for this.

Also, this tincture,(frozen Jar/straining) in this video is 8 weeks old.


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