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People just love adding Sugar and Kush CBD oil to their food. There are all sorts of CBD oil recipes that our CBD tinctures go really well with. In this video, a few drops of our Vanilla CBD oil is added to a nice hot comforting cup of tea. A dropper comes with our CBD 1000mg tincture bottles and 500mg bottles to make it easy. Have you tried putting a few drops of CBD oil in your tea or morning coffee? If so, how do you like it?

When swallowing CBD, it goes through our metabolism system which means it may take a little longer for the body to filter it as opposed to using the sublingual method where you drip the oil right under your tongue. Many people think that dropping some CBD oil under the tongue is a way to skip the digestion process entirely and allow it to enter right into the bloodstream. However, adding a flavored CBD tincture to food is very enjoyable.

You can find our Vanilla CBD oil in either a 1000mg tincture bottle or a 500mg tincture bottle. A full dropper of oil is 1 full milliliter. So, a CBD 1000mg bottle will yield about 33 mgs of CBD per 1 ml or one full dropper. A CBD 500mg tincture bottle will yield 16 to 17 mgs of CBD per 1 ml.

All of Sugar and Kush CBD oils and CBD gummies are lab tested by a third party so that our customers know they are only getting the best quality CBD out there. It is made with a pure CBD isolate so you know that there is no THC or any psychoactive effect. We also make our products keto-friendly so that everyone can enjoy it, even those struggling with medical conditions that are following a strict diet or people that are health conscious overall. Our labels show that there is zero sugar and no carbs in our products.

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