Emerald Cup 2017 – Spot #15 – Fiddlers Greens – CBD & TCH Organic Tincture

The celebration continues on at the 2017 Emerald Cup convention where we come to a large booth set up for the company Fiddlers Greens who is in the business of tinctures made from marijuana extract. Standing on the more serious medicinal side of the marijuana industry, Fiddlers Greens provides pure THC-A and CBD-A tinctures to patients with the aim of medicating their ailments, as opposed to the recreational user in pursuit of the psychoactive effects usually associated with the plant.
The marijuana plant generally contains many more components to its chemical make-up than it’s more commonly known THC and CBD compounds. Among these lesser cannabinoid’s are elements called terpenes, which, when combined with each other in different combinations and ratios, can provide specific medicinal benefits to the patient, suited to their personal needs and desired “Orchestral” effects. You can learn more about the endocannabinoid system and The “Orchestral” Effect at their website, Fiddlers-Greens.com.
THC-A and CBD-A, the pure acidic forms of their more popularly known bi-products THC and CBD, are compounds found within the Marijuana plant that have no psycho-active influence on the brain, yet supply the body with medicinal effects throughout, such as anti-inflamation, anti-oxidzation, anti-convulsion, and anxietal reduction. When combined with certain terpenes and other lesser cannabinoids, these effects can be magnified, and focused for the relief of those who need it.
Extracted from 4 different strains of the marijuana family, each tincture is labeled with its own specific THC-A to CBD-A ratio’s, helping you to make the right choice for you. With each bottle containing its own dropper for precise dosages, and each drop containing only half a milligram of its own particular ratio, you can be sure you are in control of how much or how little you are getting.
Fiddlers Greens can be found and contacted via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as on their own website at Fiddlers-Greens.com. Look them up, and find their products in a dispensary near you.
Up next, we continue on into the Emerald Cup convention and finish out our tour talking seeds with Aficionado Mendocino, eight time Emerald Cup winner, and seed bank connoisseur. Stay tuned as the Contact Buzz finishes out its trip through the December festivities of 2017 with taste and style.

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