The run down on Charlotte's Web Options

Charlotte’s Web has an extensive array of products that are offered at extremely affordable prices as this business actually wants to help people,They want people to live healthier and fuller lives, they want to help treat people that cannot find relief from conventional medicine. They are driven by principles that extend far beyond what people would normally conceive, and they have a goal of contributing to the sustainability of different communities that they serve.

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Video Transcript:

Hi there, it’s Brandy with Green Wellness Life, we’re going to try to do a little video blurb to introduce you to the more than 30 different manufacturers that we represent here at Green Wellness Life. We know that not every manufacturer can be all things to all people so that’s why we offer so many.We want to make sure that we can help you find the right choice.

So, let’s talk about “Charlotte’s Web” or “CW hemp” right now. This company was really a pioneer in the hemp CBD industry. We carry a number of their options and we know that it’s highly regarded as being one of the safest most trustworthy companies out there. They do a great job as is very common in our industry they’re always changing and evolving, so that can be a little bit frustrating, we’re on round 3 of our different packaging options and descriptions for the tinctures alone so that can be confusing for people.

We went from full strength and extra strength there was an option with it just signified the strength by dots on the box and now we’re talking about strength in terms of serving size. So you’ll see right on that box now 7 milligrams, 17 or 50 milligrams those are measuring the total cannabinoids per what they consider to be a serving in their tincture show total cannabinoids so not just the CBD but all of the good stuff that’s in there. The only kind of questionable part of that is that every serving can be unique you might need a little bit less than I do and I might need a little bit less than Hannah does, every body’s different our bodies all work differently so don’t feel that if you buy a 17 milligram strength that you have to take 17 milligrams of cannabinoids not the case you might be able to take more or less that’s just the amount that is their version of a serving and you get 30 servings out of each package.

So, I hope that that helps clear up a little bit of confusion there serving size on a liquid always going to be super super flexible. So we’re always happy to talk you through and help there as well but those teachers are a great choice we also carry their liquid capsule which is just liquid and a little soft gel capsule it’s olive oil and their CBD formulation super-awesome 30 or 60 count. We have their Stanley Brothers vape pens if you’re looking for a booster that can help get you through never something that we want to be your only source of CBD, but just can give you a little extra for some relief throughout the day. Then we’ve got balms and pet products as well and CW hemp also has some terrific gummies, they have a roll-on that we’re looking at
onboarding. So we’ve got boatloads of options all in the full spectrum line which means everything in that plant in the ground ends up in your bottle box or dog chew at the end of the day.

So, we hope that this has helped to answer some questions about CW hemp. Would love your feedback on what else you’d like to hear from us. As always, we are here to help you can reach out at or give us a buzz toll free at 888-772-7875. We’re on social media as well. So there are lots of ways that you can reach out.

Hope you having a great day! Thanks so much for watching.

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