Cannabis tincture 101. Version 2.0 using trimmings off the buds

In this video I show how to make cannabis tincture using the trimmings off of the buds, the leaves and the little tiny stuff that you cut off the buds to groom them, can be used to make cannabis tincture. I used 2 grams of trimmings for every ounce of alcohol. I was in a severe tractor trailer accident where I was impaled through the neck into my back by a tree branch. There are pictures in my previous video cannabis tincture 101!!. After a lot of reconstructive surgery I ended up on a fentanyl patch for 14 years, under a doctor’s care. Our state became a recreational Cannabis state and I approached my doctor and nurse practitioner to help me get off the fentanyl. At first they were hesitant because of the extent of my injuries and knowing how much the fentanyl is great for pain management in cases like mine. However there are many debilitating factors that come with the use of an opioid. Restricted night vision because your pupils don’t dilate, and of course all the lovely constipation problems that are caused by opioids also. By using the Cannabis tincture religiously morning noon and night, I am in the same pain free zone I was with a fentanyl patch. The beauty of the cannabis tincture is you can easily raise your dosage for those bad arthritis days, yeah you get arthritis when you break a bunch of Bones. I used to have to take handful of ibuprofen even on the fentanyl patch on the bad days. Now I up my dosage from to eye droppers to for eye droppers full of cannabis tincture per dose and it’s pain free, no ibuprofen needed. A shout out to ruffhouse Studios and gave me the inspiration to make the Tincher and to Bogart the gentleman who made the video, thanks for the informative education.


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