THC Infused MCT Oil

Learn how to make your own cannabis infused organic MCT oil in this easy to follow recipe! In Arkansas, it seems most of the tinctures you will find in dispensaries are made from MCT Oil. It’s much more cost-effective to make your own tinctures. Plus you can determine the potency you want to have and use the strains you prefer. In order to make your own CBD tincture, simply substitute hemp instead of cannabis.

Tools & Ingredients
9-10g decarbed cannabis (you can add more or less when deciding your potency)
1/2 cup MCT Oil or enough to cover the cannabis in the container
Measuring Cup

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-Take decarbed cannabis and mix with MCT Oil in foil covered container
– Set the container in the crockpot
– Fill crockpot with 1/2” of water
– Every hour take out container and stir around, burping the mixture.
– After 6-8 hours, remove mixture and strain with Cheesecloth
– The MCT Oil is now ready to be put in tinctures or stored in a dark cool place preferably in glass.

– Glass Measuring Cups –
– Pioneer Woman Crock-pot –
– Organic MCT Oil –
– Cheesecloth –
– Glass Tincture Bottles –
– 16oz Mason Jars –

That’s it! Now you will have tincture that is comparable to what you can purchase in shops.

This recipe and video is meant for MMJ Patients 18+ years old or recreational users 21+ years or older. Please check with your local laws before consuming cannabis.


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