How To Make Medical Marijuana Tonic & Tincture (Alcohol Infused w/Cannabis):THE GREEN MONSTER RECIPE

If you suffer from chronic debilitating pain, medical marijuana may be YOUR ticket back to better health and happiness! This recipe shows you how to make the old-fashioned (Medical) Marijuana “Healthful Tonic and Tincture” that was originally sold back in the good old days before prohibition, (and for CENTURIES before that even), to provide relief from deep muscular pain and uncontrollable spasms. This is an amazingly medicinal application, make no mistake about it…

Within 15 minutes of ingestion 1-2 Tablespoons will alleviate even your WORST pain for up to 8 hours! This simple yet effective recipe is dedicated (with heartfelt LOVE) to ALL my fellow sick, injured and dying medical patients who are desperately searching for a BETTER WAY to take back their quality of life and find a solid measure of happiness, once again. Please enjoy! And please let me know if this information has helped you 🙂


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