Royal & Pure CBD Pet Tincture Hemp Oil Bacon

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To impact the world we need to impact everything around us, and that starts with our furry best friends. They deserve only the best 100% organic, cruelty-free CBD.

You might be aware that CBD is a popular health product, but did you know that your pets can benefit from it, too?

Recent research shows that dogs, in particular, could benefit from CBD oil. Many veterinarians and animal lovers claim that CBD for pets can be used as an anti-inflammatory and to soothe anxiety, pain, and even skin conditions in dogs. Many people also use it as a preventative measure to enhance their dogs’ overall health and wellbeing.

Our CBD for pets tincture has a delicious bacon flavor. Made from Colorado-grown hemp, our high-quality CBD for pets tincture is ideal for dogs with anxiety, pain, or skin conditions.

The CBD Pet Tincture Hemp Oil Bacon Includes:
– Natural Bacon Flavor
– 500mg CBD
– Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
– Lab Verified Less Than 0.3% THC
– 100% Non-GMO
– Produced from 100% Organic Colorado-grown Hemp
– Manufactured in the USA
– Marked Glass Droppers for Quick and Easy Measurements

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Royal & Pure CBD Pet Tincture Hemp Oil Bacon
Royal & Pure CBD Pet Tincture Hemp Oil Bacon


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