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The Magical Butter Machines is the foremost leader when it comes to infusing butters, oils, and tinctures. Most people know this information already. In the very near future, I have a line of videos that is coming out, in which I show you more things that you can make with the Magical butter machine. Before we do that, I would like to start by giving you an introduction course, if you will, to the machine. Oils, butters, and tinctures are the most popular items that are made with the machine. So in today’s video, I will show you how to make all three with the Magical butter machine. Thanks for watching.
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00:00 Intro
00:47 MagicalButter.com Sponsor
00:59 Why am I doing this video?
01:20 What you will see in today’s video
02:31 Decarbing the cannabis
05:53 Setting up magical butter machine
06:56 Making tincture
07:30 Calculating tincture dosage
09:45 Making butter
10:50 Calculating oil and butter dosage
13:04 Adding lecithin
13:50 Setting temp and cycle on machine
15:02 Filter butter
16:36 Making oil
17:40 Oops! Damn!
18:12 Put butter in mold
19:48 Filter oil
21:16 Bottle oil
21:41 Pop butter out mold
22:37 Filter tincture
22:42 Bottle tincture
23:55 Butters, oils, & tinctures
24:28 Wrapping up the video
24:45 Subscriber Spotlight – Dejahnae Rainey
25:45 Membership program, Patreon, & Submit a Post
26:33 So guys that’s it!

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