Cannabis Indica may cure Psoriasis


Cannabis Indica may cure Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a long-lasting autoimmune disease characterized by patches of abnormal ski. Autoimmune disease is a notion based on belief. It is no more than a hypothesis, and this hypothesis is false!
Autoimmune diseases are manifested by a chronic inflammation.
Medicine: Inflammation is a malfunction of the immune system.
Alternative: Inflammation protects against virus
I shall explain:
1. Epidermis kinetics
2. Virus kinetics
3. Perturbation
4. Interaction between the two processes.
5. Therapy
Life on earth evolved within a swarm of viruses
What is psoriasis?
Medicine: Malfunction
Alternative :Response to a perturbation
CBD oil is the preferred treatment of viral diseases
Common Methods of Producing CBD Oil from Cannabis
Topical Use of Cannabis indica
Topical ointments carry CBD oil for treating certain topical ailments.
– It has to be a resin derived from trichomes
– Not Cannabis leafs
– Not hemp oil derived from seeds
The safety of the end products depends on:
1. Extraction method
2. Excessive heat during extraction
3. Shelve life 1
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