How to decarb cannabis (the easy way) with the Magical Butter DecarBox/Thermometer combo 2020

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The magical butter machine is a workhorse, i will only ever use this machine for my medical extraction needs. The DecarBox/Thermometer helps makes your life so much easier!!!!

magical butter machine unboxing:

DecarBox/Thermometer calibration:

Magical butter:
Microscope camera CAN: USA:
Hygrometer CAN : US:
Boveda 62% humidity 10 pack CAN: US:
Potassium bicarbonate CAN US
Diatomaceous earth : CA US:
T5 light: CAN US:

pH calibration solution packs :CAN US:
Hole saw kit: CAN: US:
pH Pen : US:
Ph pen/TD combo : US:
Par meter: US
Ratchet hangers: or US: or
Stealth RO 150 US:
Silicone lego molds: US:
RO filter float vale : US:
RO filter fittings/hoses: US
Water pump 400 GPH: US:
Water pump 80 GPH: US:
Hash Washing machine: USA:
5 Hash bag set: US:
Small Air stones(pack of 6) : US:
Large Air stones (pack of 2): vivosun US:
Large Air stones (pack of 2):Pawfly us:
Air pump : US:
Phone charger:
Office chair:


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