How To: Potent Water-Soluble Cannabis Concentrate in Glycerin

When I shared my vegetable-glycerin based “canna-honey” cannabis honey with a few of my friends, they all loved it. One, in particular, has been begging me to tell his wife how to make it. I figure, why teach one person, when I can show the world?

So here you have it – the simple steps to prepare your own cannabis-infused food-grade glycerin. Once complete you have a potent, and *extremely* versatile product that is also well-preserved. Because glycerin is water soluble, you can mix it with your drink, your salad dressing, or just drizzle it right over your ice-cream like syrup.

For quick relief, put some under your tongue – the cannabinoids readily go through any mucus membrane, but whatever get’s swallowed works just like any other edible (or “medible”.)

Glycerin is also great for skin, so this product can be used as or with topical preparations.

If you try this at home you can use buds for an even more potent result – you’ll have a hard-time reaching the saturation point of cannabinoids in glycerin. Speaking of which, I’ll add that you can also simply dissolve “cherry-oil” (cannabis concentrate typically prepared with ethanol or isopropyl alcohol) into food-grade glycerin to make your oil concentrates water soluble as well.

I’ll briefly describe a method that can yield two batches, one very potent, one more mild:

Get yourself up to an ounce of dry flowers and a quart of USP (food grade) vegetable glycerin.
If desired, pre-decarb the flowers [I break mine up and heat it to 235F for 1 hour].
Mix the flowers and the glycerin in a mason-jar and heat in a pot of hot water – mixing often.
You can do this for as little as 15 minutes, honestly… just get it nice and warm to help the cannabinoids infuse into the glycerin.
Now, filter as much as you can (as easy as rubber-banding some cheescloth over the jar then leaving it in a position to drain overnight).
Finally, use the remaining glycerin to re-wet the leftovers, and repeat the heating/mixing process.
Filter this batch out and keep the two batches separate if you want, or just blend them if you don’t care to have both “mild” and “strong” batches.

Good health!


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