Cannabis Alcohol Tincture (using Everclear) – From – My Kitchen

Cannabis Tincture recipe
1/2 ounce /14grams ground cannabis (Trim Smoke and Bud)
1 Cup alcohol, /4.5 Oz /or 225 milliliters
Quart canning jar with lid
1 – Jelly Strainer Bag or (cheesecloth)

Use a liquor with at least 50% alcohol. (Everclear is 190 Proof) – The higher the alcohol content, the faster the cannabinoids will be extracted.

Decarb the cannabis, my method:
Place on cookie sheet in the oven at 240°F for an 1/2 hour, check and turn cannabis every 10 minutes or so, until the bud is dry and crumbles into a powder. Let this cool for two to three minutes befor using.

Assemble process:
Mix the Decarb Cannabis in the Quart canning jar with lid and pour a of Cup of Everclear over it.
Shake like crazy for 2 minutes
Place the mixture in the freezer section, the alcohol will not freeze
Everyday for 3-4 weeks, get you mixture out of freezer and give it a shake for 2 minutes
After 6 weeks in freezer, strain out the cannabis, I use a Jelly Strainer Bag/ made of 100% cotton / Reuseable and machine washable, bought 2 at my local Kroger store, a cheesecloth will work for this.

Remove the jar from the freezer and carefully pour the contents through the Jelly Strainer Bag to strain out the plant matter.



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