Charlotte’s Web New Label Explanation!

Charlotte’s Web products are now named so you know how much CBD is in each ml. Same trusted product (new look + new name)

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Video Transcript:

Hi there! It’s Brandy with Green Wellness Life, coming to chat with you a little bit today about some changes and one of the hubs CBD lines that we carry, then we have carried for the past four years and that we love and that is Charlotte’s Web.

Charlotte’s Web is also known as CW hemp, some of you probably know that story of the company that created a specific strain of Marijuana, that was able to help a little girl named Charlotte Figi with a specific epileptic condition. That same science, that same knowledge then was transferred over to hemp, and they started working on some hemp CBD products that would really be beneficial.

Today, they are the most well-known and the most highly trusted on the market, and they’re also really a leader in making changes to packaging and full disclosure, they’re certified by the US hemp Authority which is a voluntary program that some of the larger and most well-known companies are starting to go through, really pushing for standardization in the industry. So, CW hemp or Charlotte’s Web was leading that charge, and we appreciate it!

Going along with that, they have made some packaging changes and this is a product that you have known and loved for a few years, you’ve seen a few rounds of packaging changes. Initially, those boxes look too darn near identical, and they use dots to differentiate the strength between the three different strengths of tincture that they offer and then, they change that up a little bit and then this was the most recent version, and they were the full strength, the extra strength and the original formula. Also, confusing because the original formula actually happens to me in a strongest and when you look at those through names doesn’t necessarily mean that but this was there in fact original formula, and so they don’t want any changes to that, and they don’t want to do, so they were keeping that title to help people.

Additionally, they measured on the front of the boxes they measured the amount of total cannabinoids per serving not CBD. Now there’s more than 80 cannabinoids that are found in the hemp plant these are all full spectrum which means everything in my plant growing in the ground and up in your bottle at the end of the day, all 80 plus of those cannabinoids. So, they were really giving you know full cannabinoid measurement not just the CBD and that was a little bit confusing for people too if they’re looking to get a certain amount of CBD and their daily serving, and they were seeing total cannabinoids it was kind of a little bit confusing. So, they have streamlines, they’ve changed up that packaging, and they’ve also made a courier just for fun in addition they’ve added a couple of new flavors, so we are wild and crazy here.

So, instead of that full strength which is 200 milligrams per bottle, now what you’re seeing on the front of that box is you’re seeing a 7 milligram in kind of gold leaf there and that’s what they’re telling you is in each daily serving. So, still 200 milligrams in the bottle, 7 milligrams of CBD and then on the back I’m not sure if you can read that but it still tells you those total cannabinoids because they feel like that’s really valuable information but they’re highlighting the CBD content instead. So, 7 milligrams an 11 milligrams total cannabinoid per serving that serving size obvious 2 droppers, keep in mind unfortunately they don’t yet mark their dropper tops. We’re hoping that that’s the next step but a full dropper is the amount that naturally absorbs when you press and release it’s going to look about three-quarters of the way full, not going to be fooled of this would be time so two of those are what they’re considering as serving. If you’re just starting out, you might want to start a little smaller than that and go with one of those droppers give it a week, see if you need a little bit more but they believe that two droppers is a standard serving you’re gonna get 30 of those out of the bottle and that’s where they’re 7 milligrams per serving comes from.

So, then we’ve got the next which used to be the extra Street 500 milligrams and a bottle now says 17 and that will leave just the same amount that two droppers as a serving but there’s in this is the same since bottle there’s simply more CBD.

We know changes hard we are here to help give us questions anything that you need that’s what we do you can reach us by email at again then email us also welcome to call us at 888-772-7875, that’s Madonna lily and apparently she thinks you should give us a call.

Thanks so much, make it a great day!


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