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Cannabinoids were first discovered in Israel in the 1960s, they are naturally occurring chemical compounds derived from the cannabis plant and are responsible for the many medicinal effects of cannabis. With each compound offering distinctive properties and benefits. To date, more than 110 cannabinoids have been discovered and more are likely to be found. As we continue to explore the complex molecular structures of the cannabis plant. Today we are talking about the cannabinoid CBN (Cannabinol), this was the first one isolated by scientists. I like to place CBN in the natural health products box.
CBN is produced when THC is heated or exposed to oxygen; it also occurs naturally as the cannabis plant ages. Although it’s derived from THC, it doesn’t share the psychoactive properties of THC so you won’t get high from CBN alone. It binds to receptors less effectively than many other cannabinoids but is arguably a helpful compound to improve sleep health. It is also being studied as a possible stimulant for bone tissue growth. It’s believed that it may activate stem cells that facilitate the production of new bone, making it potentially useful for the healing of fractures.

Studies have found that CBN may be a potential antibacterial agent, perhaps in the future we will see it being used to fight off bacterial infections that our run of the mill antibiotics can’t heal. Studies are also still ongoing to find out if CBN is a powerful neuro-protectant and can be used in the future in the fight against ALS and other neurodegenerative conditions. Along with that there are also studies being done to confirm its weight as an effective appetite stimulant.

Intraocular pressure, the biggest risk for glaucoma may also be able to be reduced with CBN but thus far studies have only been carried out on rabbits, so human studies are needed before this is confirmed. The same applies for arthritis, it was shown in rodents to reduce rheumatoid arthritis by acting as a potent anti-inflammatory, so fingers crossed with more research it will be proven.

Although CBN is often praised as highly effective for sleep disorders, there are those that believe in order for it to be effective a combination of CBN and THC needs to be taken. Pure CBN is not particularly sedating, however if the older cannabis that is high in CBN is also high in sedating terpenes (another active chemical in the plant) then it could be the terpenes that account for the sedative effects. Although most believe that CBN is non-intoxicating, be sure your choices don’t contain high levels of THC. It can also stimulate appetite and curb anxiety without the side effects of a medication like a valium.
The research on cannabinol, especially on humans is currently lacking. As more research is conducted we may find even more uses for it. CBN is not plentiful in fresh or cured cannabis but can be found in older cannabis especially if it’s been exposed to a lot of oxygen. It’s also created when THC is oxidized. There are products available with isolated CBN in the form of tinctures or edibles.

Whatever your interest in CBN, consider your symptoms, do as much research as you can and keep experimenting till you find the best way to treat whatever it is that ails you. Your body needs rest and it’s important to maintain a healthy approach.Remember to always consult your doctor before taking any of the products mentioned. On or around this page you will find links to more information on these products and links to where you can purchase CBN oils and other related products. Time will be the judge of whether CBN has any super powers.

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