052- The Healing Wonders Of RSO (Rick Simpson oil)

Growers and laboratories are constantly striving to dig into the core elements of cannabis to see what health benefits can be derived from this miracle plant. Of course, that is a good thing that can only make life easier for many of us who depend on medical marijuana for health reasons.The term RSO, or “Rick Simpson Oil”, refers to an extremely potent (around 90% THC) decarboxylated extract produced from the cannabis plant. RSO has zero detrimental side effects, is essentially harmless, is all natural, and is non-addictive. RSO is a cannabis product that has been on the market a relatively short time but has garnered much attention. RSO, also known as Phoenix Tears, was developed by Rick Simpson to treat his skin cancer as an alternative to surgery or chemotherapy. He soaked marijuana in isopropyl alcohol or naphtha, which separated the therapeutic compounds, forming them into a tar like dark colored liquid. This liquid he created was RSO. The liquid contained trace amounts of CBD (cannabidiol), and a high volume of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) along with other key cannabinoids, all of which when combined produced much more beneficial results through the entourage effect than CBD or THC on their own. Learn more about the healing wonders of Rickson Simpson Oil by watching our video.

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