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In this video, you will learn about the #CBDoil that we made from hemp that we grew at our farm and a little bit about the process. You can get a full #CBDoilreview here.

Here’s the deal: not all CBD oil is created equal. Many brands are cutting corners in their tinctures by putting Hemp Seed oil in their bottles which have virtually no CBD in them whatsoever.
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When you are searching for a CBD tincture, you want to know what kind of CBD is in it? Is it crude oil, or distillate, or did the introduce isolate in their oil? This CBD oil review will give you the lowdown when it comes to CBD brands.

At Green Method Farms, we grew the highest quality hemp plants, processed them in our state of the art facility, and took the oil to the full-spectrum distillate.

Many of our customers report that they love the taste. It isn’t too “hempy” tasting, but it is very concentrated so you get all the full benefits of the plant.

When you use CBD distillate in your tinctures like we do, it is much more refined so it actually tastes good.

Many of our customers have reported to us that they believe that it helps them get a better nights sleep without being groggy. We have some with arthritis, and they report that the CBD helps with their arthritis. Some have even quit their prescription medications.

We truly want to create these CBD tinctures for the medicine that comes from the whole plant. We have a 1000mg tincture and a 2000mg tincture. The 2000mg bottle is the maximum dose we could formulate without going over the legal limit of .3% THC.

So this tincture is totally legal in all 50 states. You most likely will test positive on a drug test though because the drug tests detect any amount even though it is so small.

This is a #naturalremedy that has not been approved by the FDA to treat, cure or prevent disease.

Because we did all the farming and processing ourself, we can offer our tinctures for about half the price of other premium brands.

The quality is second to none, and you can save money! We are selling our 1000mg tincture for $45 with free shipping, and our 2000mg tincture for $75 (also free shipping when you buy 2 or more).

The great thing about these tinctures is that there is nothing hidden. It was farmed, processed and bottled all within a 20-mile radius, so you know you are getting a premium CBD product.

Remember that you should always consult a medical doctor before taking any new supplements or medications.

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