Pachamama CBD Oil Tinctures Review | 6 Full Spectrum CBD Extracts

Eden from Wellicy sits down and reviews the entire line of the Pachamama CBD Oil Tinctures that are available in 5 unique flavor profiles and 1 all natural option.

Leveraging the known benefits of natural ingredients such as kava kava, ylang ylang, holy basil, goji berries, valerian root, green tea, and echinacea.

Pachamama CBD combines those all natural ingredients, with the potential benefits of a single origin full spectrum hemp extract.

Available in 750mg or 1,750mg of CBD, each bottle of the CBD oil tinctures
are made with a full spectrum hemp extract, meaning the Pachamama CBD Tinctures contain up to 0.3% THC and leverage MCT oil as the carrying oil.

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Pachamama Full Spectrum CBD Tincture Flavor Profiles:
– Goji Cacao
– Green Tea Echinacea
– Kava Kava Valerian
– Black Pepper Turmeric
– Ylang Ylang Holy Basil
– Natural

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