How to Start Selling CBD/Hemp Oil Online and Market Your CBD Company | 90 Day CBD Oil Challenge

Sales of CBD based products are exploding…

Here is why the market is BOOMING and why it’s becoming much easier to sell…

Because initially CBD Oil was confused as something people thought might get them high, so the general public (mainstream) were very cautious and avoided using it.

But hemp-derived CBD Oil doesn’t get you high. And because of this, it’s been ramping up marketing traction behind the scenes, and the industry is absolutely exploding.

There is a great article in Rolling Stone Magazine that estimates the CBD Market could hit $22 Billion by 2022. (Google search: cbd rolling stone”” to read the full article).

Anytime there is a massive shift in commerce like this, as an entrepreneur, you want to be in front of it.

Here is my advice…

Figure out a way to position yourself somehow in front of this massive shift in the market, and if/when the 2018 Farm Bill passes in the US (which is assumed likely), this will explode the CBD Oil market.

Over 2/3rds of the states in the US are already growing industrial hemp (which is used for CBD oil) and this number is very likely going to grow.

Just recently CBD was fully legalized in Canada, border to border, and this is a major deal because Canada is a Commonwealth, and this is going to influence similar moves by many other countries.

Okay, so let’s say that CBD Oil becomes fully accepted, nationally, and accepted significantly globally.

What does that mean for you?


Keep a close eye on stocks related to the cannabis industry, as well as companies that have dialed in systems to distribute CBD effectively at a profit.

For me personally, I’m less motivated to sell individual tinctures of CBD, and more interested in the opportunity that the market will create for others. For example, the ability to build sales teams and override their CBD Oil Sales. Working smart vs working hard, and still cashing in on the trend.

I personally believe we are going to see a flood of hundreds of thousands of people (maybe millions) wanting a piece of this pie who would jump on the chance to sell CBD Oil, and the smart ones that position themselves with a chance to build sales teams and override that sales volume is huge.

Or even bigger would be getting involved in multi-million dollar contracts with vendors, anything on the B2B side of CBD, but that’s not an opportunity for the masses.

Here are my top 3 suggestions to get involved in the CBD industry boom as a marketer.

1) Sell CBD Oil Yourself, I suggest selling tinctures/drips.

2) Build a CBD Sales Team and override their sales volume.

3) Research CBD Stocks I can’t tell you to invest, but…

Also, keep an eye on Facebook to become more lenient when it comes to CBD advertising, especially after the big changes in Canada regarding CBD.

My FB ads reps already said that they are going to start updating search results to start showing CBD related pages, which is a huge move because they were previously delisted, and they are going to start looking at CBD ads on a case by case basis for review now. So even if they are declined, they can get manually approved if they are compliant.

The big thing to avoid is “claims” of what CBD can do. Don’t say that it cures cancer, etc. Just focus on advertising and leading people into a funnel, and from there you can educate them more on the benefits of CBD Oil.

Okay, that’s it for now.
Learn more about CBD challenge at
If anyone is looking to get involved and set up wholesale pricing and the ability to override sales teams if you want either of those models click the link to learn more.


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