What Method Makes the Best Infusions?

Learn about the different ways to make infusions, how to improve them and why lecithin is used,

I was incorrect when I stated chlorophyll is water soluble, I confused my information a bit.
Here is the article from Bad Kats CannaPharm:

In summary, the water being present in the first place, is what is most responsible for pulling the majority of that water-soluble inert stuff into your oil or butter! It also gives folks too much peace of mind, and a false sense of security when it comes to concerns over degradation and the premature destruction of cannabinoids.

Bitter plant salts especially are left behind, where they are very small and very water soluble… some will stay with the water, but when you invite excessive salts into the mix, during the cooling process many of those salts are left behind to ‘free-float’ in your oil in little clusters and pockets, similar to all the trichomes and even free-floating cannabinoids you can lose in your water bath, by adding water to the oil blend before the cannabinoids have been properly extracted and bonded with the oil and before the inert plant matter has been strained off.

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