I took CBD every day for 30 days //Here's what happened….

Title: I took CBD every day for 30 days //Here’s what happened….

It was actually more like EXACTLY 46 DAYS but whose counting 🙂
Originally I was going to say that CBD did absolutely nothing for me, but that’s not the case.

I noticed that:
-I felt calmer. Less anxious in situations in which I would’ve otherwise felt tense.
-More balanced mood. Very little symptoms of depression even when I’d spent too much time on my phone or some other serotonin-sucking activity.
-Eliminated soreness. What typically would’ve been a few days of soreness after workouts, I’d barely experience any soreness at all.
-Headaches wouldn’t come up at all. I’ve suffered from regular migraines since a wrestling accident in highschool. CBD basically kept that off completely.

All of these personal experiences I’d say were the result of taking CBD EVERY DAY. Like I said in the video, experiments of taking it once in a blue moon did nothing. It was the compound effect of taking it daily that really gave me these positive benefits.

The CBD I took was from a local holistic tincture maker. The ingredients: Ground Hemp Seeds from a Male Cannabis Plant, Almond Oil.

This CBD was NOT FDA approved, nor is it available to purchase anywhere other than the town of Shapleigh, Maine. I’m not able to connect you with the distributer either. There are plenty of CBD companies that will ship CBD internationally, so start there!

Additionally, If you’re a CBD distributor and you’d like to work with me, please reach out via email(email below)!! I’m interested in beginning a new CBD regimine, and would be happy to review your product.

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